Lens Loop Tokyo Field Test

Lens Loop is a relatively new product which started its life as a Kickstarter project. It’s a simple camera strap made from seatbelt webbing designed as a budget alternative to similar solutions on the market. I received my Lens Loop just before our trip to Tokyo, so I had an excellent opportunity to field test the strap.

Lens Loop is a very simple product which consists of two components: an adjustable strap and a mount screw. But its simplicity, along with the low price, makes Lens Loop an ideal solution for photographers who don’t feel like forking out for more expensive alternatives like BlackRapid straps. I used Lens Loop with my Nikon D5000, and the combo served me well during the entire trip. The only niggle is that the strap is slightly too wide for my shoulders, so I had to adjust it regularly, so it didn’t rub on my neck. With Lens Loop you can have your camera resting on your hip, or you can sling it on your back. In both cases, the camera remains easily accessible, which allowed me to bag several shots that I would have otherwise missed. In fact, I was surprised how handy this seemingly simple solution actually was. If you shoot mostly indoors, Lens Loop is not a product for you, but it can come in rather useful for those practising the art of street photography.

Disclaimer: I was the project’s backer on Kickstarter, but I’m not affiliated with Lens Loop in any way.

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