Piwigo App for Android

If you happen to use Piwigo to publish and share your photos on the web, you’ll appreciate the brand new Piwigo app for the Android platform.

This app is designed to help you manage your Piwigo gallery from the convenience of your Android device. As such it doesn’t allow you to browse albums and view photos (to do that you might want to give the ReGalAndroid app a try). The app itself is pretty straightforward in use. First off, you have to connect the app to your Piwigo instance, which is done in the Settings section. The Album view lets you select an existing album and change its permissions, create new albums, and upload photos.

Before you can upload photos, you have to select them in the Photos view. Here, you can also edit the title, author, and description for each selected photo. Once you are done, press the Upload button and the app will do the rest. That’s all there is to it. The Piwigo app is not exactly overloaded with features, but it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

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