digiKam 2.2.0 Installer for Windows

Good news for those who want to run the latest version of digiKam on Windows. The  SourceForge repository now has a Windows installer of the latest digiKam version courtesy of Ananta Palani.

I tested the installer with a Windows 7 machine, it worked like a charm. While the installer makes it supremely easy to deploy digiKam on Windows, the application does have a few quirks. Most notably, the Windows version of digiKam cannot import photos directly from storage media or cameras, so you need to copy them to the hard disk using Windows’ own built-in image transfer tool, and then add the transferred photos to digiKam. The Trash feature doesn’t work either, but you can work around this issue by deleting photos instead of sending them to the trash. To be fair, though, these issues are not caused by digiKam itself, but are due to bugs in the underlying KDE libraries which the application relies on.

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27 comments on “digiKam 2.2.0 Installer for Windows
  1. Hi Dmitri, thanks for this post. I will try it on my PC. Do you know if plugins and tools work fine? They depends on many libraries and I’m wondering if digiKam for Win has same functionality of its linux counterpart. I use the linux version and it’s an amazing app!

  2. Thomas says:

    Works like charm, include the slideshow 😉 But how can i switch the language? Under help i only find American English.

    • Ananta Palani says:

      I forgot to compile i18n which is necessary for international support. I will be sure to compile it for 2.3.0! Sorry for the inconvenience!

      • DRB says:

        I am glad to hear you will be making this available in the future! Thank you! I personally am using openSUSE but a number of my friends are still are using Windows. I am happy I will now be able to offer something better than Picasa (tag support is nearly useless).

      • Daniel says:

        Thank you very much Ananta !!!!!!!!!!!
        I very happy with this release and it works fine on my Win7 64bit System.

        Thank you again and I’m looking forward to the next releases. I’m also interested in the possibility to switch languages.

        Best regards,

      • Thomas says:

        Thanks, i can wait 😉

  3. Martin says:

    Thanks Ananta!!!

    • Ananta Palani says:

      You’re welcome! I hope it works well for you.

      • Martin says:

        Yes, it does. No problems besides the “official” ones on my fairly Windows 7 PC.

        Thanks again!

  4. Segarys says:

    Great thanks for this installer!! With the international support, it will be perfect! 🙂
    Just one thing to notice : I had to install “Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package”, because “vcomp100.dll” was missing on my system.

  5. Grix says:

    ….¡¡¡ Great work !!!!!!!
    I use it in Ubuntu but needed some windows behaviour (for some printigs Mostly)
    It seems to work fine, no bugs for now. Only “vcomp100.dll” and language issues.
    Thanks for this great job.

    Realmente estupendo
    The best manager-editor today.

  6. conor says:

    I’m glad to hear that digikam is supporting the other (non Linux) platforms. Are their any plans to make an installer for OS X?
    Keep up the great work.

  7. Adrian says:

    Win7 64bit machine.

    Get the folowing message on first run :

    Configuration file “c:/users/usernameg/appdata/roaming/.kde/share/config/digikamrc” not writable.
    Please contact your system administrator.

    That file does not exist in the .kde/share folder.

    Load application, choose image, selecting “Colors” causes Digikam to crash with the message :
    Executable: digikam.exe PID: 148 Signal: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)

    • Ananta Palani says:

      The initial error you received we know about. After you run digiKam again it should create the file fine. As for the second error, I don’t get that for any image. What kind of image are you trying to look at? Also, could you file a bug report for it?

  8. polarbeer says:

    Great work Ananta!

    Force strong with you is! =)

    I’m really happy to have a free DAM software for Win. Especially XMP sidecar support for adding metadata into all RAW images and AVCHD videos (mts and m2ts files) is great feature.

    As a non-programmer and pure Windows user :/ it would be nice to know, if ability to view mts/m2ts thumbnails could easily be added to digiKam? Win 7 supports those files natively and Windows Explorer can thus show thumbnails. This would make managing your AVCHD videos much easier with digiKam.

    By the way is there an active forum for digiKam users? (I’m on mobile so checking all this is somehow slow.) If I remember right mainly mailing list was advertised on digiKam.org site. I personally much prefer forums over mailing list, which I’m not familiar with.

    Nevertheless great work all digiKam developers! Can’t wait future releases…

    • RT says:

      I also have a need for mts/m2ts thumbnails. This is the only thing preventing me from using digiKam on my Windows system. In Ubuntu, “sudo apt-get install mplayerthumbs” works like a charm, but I have no idea how to do the equivalent in Windows. Googling for a solution brought me here, but no luck so far.

      Thanks Dmitri for the post, and Ananta for the package!

  9. shaforostoff says:

    is there some faq on how to make a custom win installer for KDE app?

    i want to do the same for Lokalize.

  10. kris says:

    Thanks for this great work.

    Running on Windows 7; 32 bit machine. However, all the image restoration options (image editor – enhance – restoration) have issues: the preview of the restoration filters on zoomed sections of the images work, but applying the filters on the total image file never works. It hangs forever – and I have not been impatient. Any ideas how I can solve this?


  11. Le Lion 07 says:

    Hello from France.

    This is the second time I try to run DigiKam on W7, but no more success… The first time, I had an error message (don’t remember exactly…), now it is better : no message, just… nothing. Nothing happens.

    Maybe because I have W7-64. However, DigiKam installs itself into the 32 bits program folder (the one called “Program Files (x86)”). Many program are still running on 32 bits version with no problem, but these are Windows programs… I suppose DigiKam has a special behaviour.

    Well, I go on with my favourite DAM (Expression Media). Perhaps one day…

  12. Nathan says:

    Thank you for porting this to Windows. (I have tried Ubuntu, but sadly it is not working out well for me). It looks Iike an awesome program if I can figure it out. My computer is running XP and I am having trouble with opening the digiKam handbook from the F1/ help menu.

    When I attempt to, it gives me this error: The requested help file could not be parsed:c:/program files/digikam/share/doc/html/en//khelpcenter/documentationnotfound/index.docbook

    Additionally, the link to the PDF version of the hand book (found on http://www.digikam.org/drupal/docs under “digiKam PDF handbook” just opens an empty screen (http://docs.kde.org/development/en/extragear-graphics/digikam/digikam.pdf)

    The link: http://docs.kde.org/development/en/extragear-graphics/digikam/index.html seems to open an online version of the handbook, but I am not sure it is up to date.

    When I installed the latest version 2.2, it did not a new create short cut and my old one seemed to start up 1.7. I think I finally stumbled on the correct .exe file and 2.2 now comes up.

    Obviously, I am not the sharpest crayon in the box when it comes to digiKam. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong and how to fix the documentation issue?

  13. flo says:

    Thank you very much- this version works grate. I would be really happy if you could also provide the 2.3 version for windows 😉

    thanks and best regards

  14. Paul Verizzo says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I’ve been using dK on 32 bit XP, 1.7 and 1.9 for “quite awhile.” This is a version quantum leap up. Did I mention, “Thank you!”

    I think the Trash malfunction is a long known one for the Windows version.

    Because of dK, I got re-interested once more into investigating Linux. The funny thing is that at least as of a month or so ago, none of the repositories had anything beyond 1.9. So, unless you want to do the whole tarball installation mess, one can get later dK versions for Windows than on its native Linux!

    Again, thanks, and I look forward to your further contributions.

  15. Rüdiger says:

    Thanks a lot, great to have an update of 1.7. I installed it on win7/64. Unfortunately I don’t see any pictures. All filters cleared, database deleted and rebuilt from scratch. Any ideas what could be wrong? I vaguely remember such an issue much earlier on Linux being related to kipi plugins, but all plugins are installed and selected.

  16. Troberg says:

    Is there any hope of it ever working to import photos from the camera under Windows, and in that case, what kind of timeframe can we expect?

    It’s the one feature I’m waiting for, without it, I can just use my Linux machines. In some cases, it would be nice to not have to lug around two laptops (Windows for work, Linux for private stuff).

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