Camera FV-5: Android Camera App for Serious Photographers

The Camera FV-5 app is designed for serious photographers, and as such, it lacks fancy trimmings like scene modes, effects, and sharing capabilities. Instead, it puts all essential controls at your fingertips, and offers a handful of genuinely useful features. Camera FV-5’s interface resembles that of a DSLR camera, so photographers will feel right at home using the app. The main screen provides quick access to key settings, such as focusing mode, metering mode, White Balance, ISO settings, and exposure compensation. The dedicated Menu button lets you configure the exposure bracketing feature and intervalometer. The latter tool can come in rather useful for time-lapse photography. The Program button can be used to switch between two modes: Program (automatic exposure) and Speed priority (manual exposure). You can use the pinch gesture to zoom in and out. The app also allows you to use volume hardware keys for zooming.

Camera FV-5

Besides the efficient interface, Camera FV-5 boasts several unique features. For starters, the Camera FV-5 can save captured photos in the lossless PNG format. This is a real boon if you plan to post-process photos using your photo processing software of choice. The app can write metadata into the photos or separate XML sidecar files (or both). Saving captured photos in the PNG format is a resource-intensive task but the app processes the images in the background without affecting Camera FV-5’s overall performance. The app also sports long exposure functionality (which does have certain limitations), which is perfect for low-light and night photography.

In short, Camera FV-5 is a perfect camera app for Android-totting enthusiasts or serious photographers. A free version of the app is available on the Google Play Store, so you can give Camera FV-5 a try and see whether it fits your needs.

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