Pygmyfoto 1.3.7 Released

Besides minor tweaks and fixes, the latest release of Pygmyfoto features a couple of significant changes. The Python script that took care of processing photos and pushing data to the pygmyfoto.sqlite database has been replaced with a Bash shell script which does the job with less code. This means, among other things, that Pygmyfoto has fewer dependencies.

Version 1.3.7 also provides integration with OpenStreetMap. Geotagged photos  can now be viewed on OpenStreetMap via a dedicated link.

Photos can now be easily published and unpublished using the dedicated links.

The new version of the application also does away with the Google+ button and adds a simple view counter. The source code and a neatly packaged archive containing the latest release of Pygmyfoto are available in the project’s GitHub repository. A demo of Pygmyfoto is available at

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