Use Adobe Photoshop Curve Presets with digiKam

While digiKam can’t handle Adobe Photoshop curve presets directly, the application supports curves in the GIMP-compatible CRV format. So if you want to use Adobe Photoshop curve presets with digiKam, you have to convert them into .crv files — and the Python script can help you with that. Before you put the script to use, make sure that Python is installed on your system. Next, use the chmod +x command to make the script executable. Once you’ve done that, you can convert a curve preset by running the ./ command followed by the name of the file in the ACV format:

./ curvepreset.acv

By default, the converted file has the same name as the original preset sans the file extension (e.g., curvepreset.acv becomes curvepreset), but you can use the -o parameter to specify a different name:

./ -o converteredcurvepreset.crv curvepreset.acv

To load the converted curve preset in digiKam, open a photo for editing and choose Colors → Curves Adjust. Press then the Load button and select the converted curve.

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