DoF Calculator for Android

If you are looking for a no-frills depth of field calculator app for Android, you can do much worse than giving the DoF Calculator a try. Released under the GPLv3 license, this app has the virtue of doing one thing well: calculating the depth of field and limit values for any given camera model, lens focal length, and distance to the subject combination.

DoF Calculator

DoF Calculator

DoF Calculator is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can either sideload it using the latest APK package from the project’s website, or install the app through the F-Droid market. Unsurprisingly, DoF Calculator is very straightforward in use: pick the desired camera model, focal length, aperture, and the distance to the subject, and tap the Calculate button. The app then returns three values: near and far limits along with the total depth of field.

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2 comments on “DoF Calculator for Android
  1. Hans Bezemer says:

    Quite trivial to make: small algorithm, some very large tables. I made one in 4tH quite easily. Thanks, Open Source! 😉

  2. Hillel B. says:

    Yeh, I’ve looked at this; but I actually prefer DoF Droid, with the DoF-aperature view. I have to say though, I find the interface on Simple Dof app for iPhone far preferable to DoF Calculator, if for no other reason then the user interface for entering the variables: the scrolling list within a stationary selection field instead of the long linear menu. Just some simple interface redesign would go a long way!

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