Restoring Letter Paint on Vintage Cameras

Brassing is one thing, chipped paint is another. The former gives your camera a classy vintage look, the latter makes the camera look ugly. Case in point, my recently acquired Nikkormat FTn. Most lettering and markings on the camera look like on the photo below. Not exactly a pretty sight.

Faded letters

Fortunately, this issue is easy to fix courtesy of the Lacquer-Silk Fill In Paint stick which can be had for the meagre sum of €2.78 at Micro-Tools Europe. This web store, by the way, is a veritable treasure trove of all kinds of camera repair tools and paraphernalia.

Lacquer-Silk Fill In Paint stick

The stick lets you restore letters in a matter of minutes. Rub the stick on the letters, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe the excess paint off. That’s all there is to it.

Fixing letters

Here is what the final result looks like. Much better, methinks.

Final result

I went a bit overboard removing the excess paint, so I managed to wipe off some paint from the letters (you see it clearly on the photo above). Applying the stick one more time took care of the problem.

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