New Version of Photocrumbs

I had a few hours to spare last Sunday evening, so I thought I’d tweak a few things in Photocrumbs. But what started as some minor modifications resulted in an entirely reworked version of the application.



If you take a look at the Photocrumbs demo, you’ll notice that the application now uses a different layout: instead of a continuous stream, all photos are displayed as a thumbnail view. Clicking on a thumbnail shows the related photo in a separate view. While a photo stream layout worked well for publishing a handful of photos, the new approach is better suited for viewing a large photo collection.

The new version of Photocrumbs features a slightly more graceful handling of empty metadata, displaying n/a (as in not available) instead of blanks.

Another, rather minor, change is the new logo. I traced a technical drawing from a Nikkormat FTn repair manual using Inkscape and used the resulting SVG file as the Photocrumbs logo. And I added the ability to show user-defined text right under the logo. I use this feature to display photography-related quotes.

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