digiKam Recipes 3.17.01 Released

A new version of the digiKam Recipes ebook is available for download. The new release features a slightly tweaked cover and the new Fix keywords with ExifTool recipe.


Readers who already purchased the book will receive the new version free of charge. If you haven’t received your copy, please send your order confirmation as proof of purchase to dmpop@linux.com, and I’ll email you the latest version of the book.

Learn more about digiKam Recipes, and buy it via PayPal, Amazon Kindle Store, or Gumroad.

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3 comments on “digiKam Recipes 3.17.01 Released
  1. Taras says:

    It will be great if you write more about raw files processing and DAM in common. Do you store raw files and where? Do you process them to jpg/jp2000/tiff immediately after importing from camera? Or only when export them to somewhere? Currently there is little information about it in the book.

    • Dmitri Popov says:

      Thank you for your feedback! Actually, there is an entire appendix entitled Set up Photographic Workflow with digiKam dedicated to this topic. Also, there is a chapter in the book that covers RAW processing in digiKam, but I do plan to update and expand it in the near future.


      • Taras says:

        Dmitri, I have read these appendix and chapter. I mean something more extended like “Digital Asset Management (DAM) with digiKam” from digiKam handbook.

        > I do plan to update and expand it in the near future.

        It will be great! Thanks.

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