digiKam Recipes 4.0.9 Released

Hot on the heels of the 3.17.01 release comes a new version of the digiKam Recipes ebook. As the version number indicates, this is a major release that features several significant improvements.


Since the very beginning, I’ve been using a text editor and Calibre for publishing digiKam Recipes. But the time has come to move to a more powerful and efficient platform for working with ebooks. Now the entire book project is managed and published using the GitBook editor and GitBook.io service. This not only makes it easier to edit the content, but also generates a nicely-formatted ebook in a variety of formats. While EPUB still remains the preferred format for reading digiKam Recipes, the GitBook.io service gives you the option to read the book online as well as download it in the MOBI and PDF formats.

When you open the EPUB version of digiKam Recipes, you’ll immediately notice the improved layout featuring more readable screenshots. Besides that, the book’s content has been revised, all screenshots have been updated, and I’ve added some new material, including Basic RAW Processing in digiKam and Sort Photos with Image Quality Sorter recipes. The entire content has been reorganized to make the book’s overall structure more logical.

Readers who already purchased the book will receive the new version free of charge. If you haven’t received your copy, please send your order confirmation as proof of purchase to dmpop@linux.com, and I’ll email you the latest version of the book.

Learn more about digiKam Recipes, and buy it via PayPal, Amazon Kindle Store, Gumroad, and GitBook.io.

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3 comments on “digiKam Recipes 4.0.9 Released
  1. Dmitri,
    Wow, you certainly pulled up the ante with this new release!!
    Thank you!!!!!
    Now back to reading and playing with the new recipes.

  2. Indeed, I do very much like it.

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