Mejiro Update

Whenever I have a minute to spare, I continue working on Mejiro. During the last few weeks, I’ve tweaked some things, added a couple of new features. Time for yet another Mejiro update, then.



Mejiro now automatically detects the browser language, and picks the appropriate description file. For example, if the browser language check returns de (for German), Mejiro uses the description file with the prefix de-, for example: de-foo.txt. If the appropriate file does not exist, Mejiro falls back to the default one (in this case, it’s foo.txt).

Thanks to a simple CSS trick, the app now handles photos in portrait orientation properly. The workaround is not ideal, but it should do the job for the time being. Finally, Mejiro now supports a tagline, and you can replace the default text with your own in the user settings section of the script.

As always, the latest version of Mejiro is available for download from the project’s GitHub page, and you can view a Mejiro demo at

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