Master ExifTool Basics with Practical ExifTool

digiKam, darktable, RawTherapee, and other open source photo management applications allow you to read and tweak metadata, but it’s fair to say that none of them can compete with ExifTool in terms of sheer power, flexibility, and speed. So if you want to make the photo management process more efficient, ExifTool is right up your alley.

This is the ebook I wish I had when I started using ExifTool. To master this immensely powerful tool for reading and manipulating photographic metadata, I perused the official documentation and studied real-world ExifTool usage examples. I wrote my own ExifTool-based shell scripts that are now an integral part of my photographic workflow.

Practical ExifTool is the result of my extensive research and practical experience I accumulated using ExifTool. The purpose of the ebook is to provide a straight-to-the-point introduction to ExifTool usage and demonstrate how this utility can be used for common tasks involving manipulating photographic metadata. The ebook introduces and explains commands that can be used to organize photos based on their metadata, geotag photos, extract and analyze useful photographic data, and much more.

Learn more about Practical ExifTool, and buy it via PayPal, Amazon Kindle Store, or Google Play Store.

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5 comments on “Master ExifTool Basics with Practical ExifTool
  1. Dmitri, your e-book is great! As always, an inspiration. Thank you.

  2. Now if we could build a tool suite and gui to pull them all together (say through a DigiKam or rawtherapee plugin) similar to:

    But, golly how wonderful to have what we have! 😉

  3. Of course I meant native to LINUX!?

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