Mejiro Update: Now with Analytics and Google Maps Support

Although I consider Mejiro more or less feature complete, I still find ways to improve and tweak my no-frills photo publishing application. The latest Mejiro release is a case in point. Previously, the application offered a rudimentary visitor tracking feature. When enabled, it saves visitors’ IP addresses in a log file. The new version of Mejiro replaces this functionality with a link to the CrazyStat web analytics PHP script. I forked and slightly modified CrazyStat for use with Mejiro and made the result available in a separate GitHub repository. To enable integration with CrazyStat, change the $stats = false; line in the Mejiro index.php file to $stats = true; This not only enables analytics, but also shows a minuscule visitor counter, which injects Mejiro with a dose of retro-chicness. The Little Mejiro Book provides instructions on how to deploy CrazyStat and make it work with Mejiro.


By default, Mejiro uses the OpenStreetMap service to show geotagged photos on a map. Now it’s possible to use Google Maps instead by setting the $google_maps parameter in the index.php file to true.

Finally, the latest version of Mejiro adds a tiny creature comfort: a counter in the browser tab displaying the number of published photos.

As always, the latest version of Mejiro is available on the project’s website, and you can view its demo on And if you want to get the most out of Mejiro and/or would like to support its development, consider buying the Little Mejiro Book by yours truly.

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