Keep Tabs on Your Stuff with the What’s in My Bag Web App

To learn the basics of the Python Bottle framework, I cobbled together a simple web app for tracking items in a bag. Aptly (and somewhat unimaginatively) named What’s in My Bag (or wimb), the app can be used to maintain a list of stuff in your bag. The app is designed primarily for photographers who usually have a lot of photographic paraphernalia in their bags.


The app is rather bare-bones, but it does the job. The only serious caveat is that it doesn’t offer any user access control mechanism, which means that you probably would want to run it on a local network only. I wrote wimb for my personal entertainment, but if you find it useful, feel free to deploy it on your own machine or server. Head to the project’s GitHub repository for the source code and installation instructions.

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3 comments on “Keep Tabs on Your Stuff with the What’s in My Bag Web App
  1. Tor Krill says:

    Cool to see that you still dive into python Dmitri 🙂 You should look into using a Python ORM with this, such as the lightweight Storm. Could be a perfect fit.

    (PS, i think you have missed some closing > on your head tags in the templates)

    Keep up the good work!

    • Dmitri Popov says:

      Thanks, Tor! I’ll definitely look into Python ORM. Can you recommend any specific implementation? Pony ORM ( looks interesting. I fixed the missing closing tag. 🙂

      • Tor Krill says:

        Have not tested Pony ORM myself but it seems nice. I have no definitive recomendation here. As thin as possible would be a safe bet though when doing lightweight development. I.e. something like Bottle but an ORM then.

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