[REPOST] 5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras

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Best Point and Shoot cameras (1)

So you want to shoot film but you’re not so interested in manual focusing, exposure modes, aperture, ISO, and all that technical nonsense? Tired of heavy SLRs and cumbersome controls? The warm weather’s here and you just want to throw a camera in your bag, go on adventures with your friends, and effortlessly shoot amazing pictures, right?

We get it, and so did every camera manufacturer interested in turning a profit in the 1980s. The decade of the DeLorean and Johnny Five promised high-tech wonders in a compact form, and camera makers managed to deliver on that promise year after year.

What’s this mean for you? An abundance of choice. Today’s shooter can find an astounding number of lightweight, portable, and perfectly capable point and shoot cameras for every budget. Find the one for you and you’ll be shooting everything in sight without a care in the world.

Here are five point and shoot film cameras with…

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