digiKam Recipes 4.7.1 Released

A new release of digiKam Recipes is ready for your reading pleasure. This version features completely rewritten material on using digiKam to emulate various photographic effects (including the new recipe on how to create a faded vintage look). The book features two new recipes: Geotag Photos with Geofix and Update the LensFun Database. As always, the new release includes minor updates, fixes and tweaks.


Readers who already purchased the book will receive the new version free of charge. If you haven’t received your copy, please send your order confirmation as proof of purchase to dmpop@linux.com, and I’ll email you the latest version of the book.

Learn more about digiKam Recipes, and buy it via PayPal, Amazon Kindle Store, and Gumroad.

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2 comments on “digiKam Recipes 4.7.1 Released
  1. Bogdan says:

    Hi Dmitri,

    I wanted to comment on the Geofix but the comments are now closed. I like Python and I think that your script has more potential. If you add an argument for time interval and create a loop that takes periodic geo locations at that interval, geofix could become a much more useful tool for many others, not just for yourself.


    • Dmitri Popov says:

      Hi Bogdan,

      Thank you for feedback! I personally prefer to record geographical coordinates manually when I need it. But it should be trivial to implement the described functionality. And since Geofix is released under GPLv3, you are free to tweak it to your liking. 🙂


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