[REPOST] Photos Inside Moscow’s Empty Metro Stations

Joseph Stalin rose to power as the leader of the Soviet Union in the second half of the 1920s. As the population quickly rose, it was essential the country address its lack of adequate public transportation.

An underground system was built in less than three years, launching with 13 stations in the spring of 1935. On its first day, nearly 300,000 Soviet citizens hopped aboard the new transportation service.

But the Metro system was itself a form of Communist propaganda — photos of Stalin were hung inside the stations, which were brightly lit environments that people looked up to, just as they metaphorically looked up to Stalin above ground.

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One comment on “[REPOST] Photos Inside Moscow’s Empty Metro Stations
  1. Steven Tyrer says:

    Thanks for sharing this Dmitri, its hard to think that such a nasty man as Stalin could build such lovely structures, but I suppose its was all about his ego.

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