digiKam 5 Beta 2 Is Out. Try It Now on Ubuntu

digiKam 5 is going to be a significant release bringing a lot of important improvements and new features. But you don’t have to wait till the new version of the application appears in the official software repositories of your preferred Linux distro. If you happen to use Ubuntu or any of its variants, you can try the latest beta release of digiKam using packages built by Philip Johnsson. Better still, installing the beta version of digiKam is a matter of running the following commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:philip5/extra
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install digikam5

You can then start the beta version of digiKam from the application launcher or use the digikam5 command.

If you are curious what’s new in the beta 2 release, check the release announcement.


And finally, a tiny bit of digiKam trivia. The current splash screen features a photo taken by yours truly in Northern Jutland using a lowly Canon PowerShot S90.

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One comment on “digiKam 5 Beta 2 Is Out. Try It Now on Ubuntu
  1. Amir Katz says:

    FYI, on Ubuntu 14.04 I got this error when installing:

    Unpacking digikam (4:4.14.0-trusty~ppa1) over (4:3.5.0-0ubuntu10) …
    dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/digikam_4%3a4.14.0-trusty~ppa1_amd64.deb (–unpack):
    trying to overwrite ‘/usr/share/kde4/config.kcfg/photolayoutseditor.kcfg’, which is also in package kipi-plugins 4:3.5.0-0ubuntu10
    dpkg-deb: error: subprocess paste was killed by signal (Broken pipe)

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