Install and Run Pixeluvo on openSUSE

Lightweight and affordable, Pixeluvo is an excellent application for editing and retouching photos on Linux. Pixeluvo is not free, but it can be installed on Linux using the binary packages available on the project’s website. The RPM packages are built for Fedora, but with minor tweaking, you can make Pixeluvo run smoothly on openSUSE, too.


Pixeluvo on openSUSE

To install Pixeluvo, grab the appropriate RPM file from the project’s website, and install the downloaded package using the following command:

sudo zypper in pixeluvo-x.x.x.arch.rpm

The launcher script supplied with Pixeluvo uses the ldconfig tool to determine whether the required Qt libraries are available on the system. On openSUSE, this tool must be run with root privileges, so launching Pixeluvo from the Application Menu won’t work. Since openSUSE does have the required libraries installed by default, you can simply disable the offending parts of the script. To do this, run the sudo emacs /usr/bin/pixeluvo command (replace emacs with your preferred text editor, and comment specific line as shown below:


if [ $(getconf LONG_BIT) = "64" ]

# Check if the system has Qt Libraries installed
#if (( $(ldconfig -p | grep QtDeclarative -i -c) > 0 )) && (( $(ldconfig -p | grep QtSvg -i -c) > 0 \
#    echo "Using System Qt Libraries"
#    echo "Using Pixeluvo Shipped Qt Libraries"
#    export QT_PLUGIN_PATH=""

# Run Pixeluvo
$BIN "$@"

Save the changes, launch Pixeluvo, and it should start normally.

Add Pixeluvo to your Linux-based photographic workflow. Read the the Linux Photography book.

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  1. Val says:

    Hi, Dmitri,
    Will it run on Linux Mint?
    I wish Capture One Pro could be ported to Linux.
    Thank you for the post.

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