[REPOST] Photographer Captures Life In A Country That Doesn’t Exist

When the Soviet union collapsed in 1991, some took it harder than the others. Namely the South-Eastern part of Moldova, which decided to stay loyal to the ideals of Communism and declared itself a separate country of Transnistria.When the photographer Julia Autz heard about it, she had to go down there and investigate for herself: “I wanted to see if I could discover how it feels to live in a country with such an uncertain future,” she told the Huck Magazine.

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One comment on “[REPOST] Photographer Captures Life In A Country That Doesn’t Exist
  1. Dmitri,
    Somehow I missed this posting the first time. Though their lives are ¨impoverished¨ in that ever ugly capital Liberal signature nose in the air, hand in your pockets word; there is an essential honest reality in their eyes. I fear they will be swept under as tides of EU greed make honest independent living flotsam of ironic memory.
    Thank you for re-posting.

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