[REPOST] Inside Air Koryo, North Korea’s Fleet of Ancient Soviet Planes

North Korea possesses the technological wherewithal to develop a nuclear bomb, launch devastating cyberattacks, and even hurl rockets toward its enemies. Yet it can’t manage to put together an airline that isn’t heavily stocked with Cold War-era Russian airliners.

That said, the Air Koryo fleet is pretty cool in a retro kind of way, and a passionate band of aviation buffs happily spend their days taking joyrides. “They’re beautiful,” says Arthur Mebius. “These planes still have the original interiors they were delivered with.”

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  1. Well, a good airplane is NEVER out of date! Good proper engineering is every bit as serviceable today as Henry Ford’s Model T or the Ox drawn plow. Glad to see someone uses these aircraft for their utility! And Yes, kicking the tires IS very much a valid pre-flight activity; you’d be surprised how much information a knowledgeable person can glean from the rebound, the sound, etc.. Us old aircraft wrench benders never trust solely to fancy instruments or tech. gimcracks when knowledge and tactile feel is avail. We’re all becoming spoiled stupid brats with expectations way beyond our need or deserving… but that’s another story’s time. ;-)
    Thanks for posting, Dmitri.

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