digiKam Recipes 18-01-25 Released

After a somewhat prolonged hiatus  (my move from Denmark to Germany  and full-time job at SUSE Linux GmbH had something to do with this), a new revision of the digiKam Recipes book is ready for your reading pleasure.

A new book cover is probably the most visible change, but it’s certainly not the only one. All the screenshots have been updated to reflect changes in the latest version of digiKam. Obsolete content has been pruned, and some of the existing material has been revised and updated.


I added new content as well. The latest version of digiKam comes with a built-in DLNA server, and the Export and Share Photos with digiKam: Share Photos via DLNA chapter explains how to use the DLNA functionality to share photos with compatible devices. The Geotag Photos with digiKam chapter introduces two Bash shell scripts that can help you to geotag photos in digiKam faster.

Astute readers will also notice that this revision introduces the new year-month-date version naming scheme to make it easier to identify each revision and its release date.

You should receive the new revision through the service you originally bought the book from.

Learn more about digiKam Recipes, and buy it via Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Store, or Gumroad.


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