Little Backup Box: Now with Geocorrelating Powers

Although the current version of Little Backup Box does the job, I still keep tweaking and improving it. And the latest version of the script brings a few minor but useful improvements. First of all, the script now shuts down the Raspberry Pi if no backup storage device or card is detected within a specified period of time. The default timeout is five minutes, but you can adjust it by changing the value of the SHUTD variable in the script.

Previously, the script used CARD_ID files to differentiate between multiple cards. The new version introduces a different, and somewhat better, way of identifying storage cards. For each card, the script creates a .id file with a name based on the current date and time. The name of this file is also used as a name of the destination backup directory.

Finally, the new version of Little Backup Box makes it possible to geocorrelate photos. Place a GPX file in the root of the backup storage device, and the script automatically geotags all backed up photos. For geocorrelating to work, make sure that the timezone settings on the Raspberry Pi is configured correctly. You can use the raspi-config tool for that.

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