Big Update for Little Backup Box

After a few evenings of coding and testing, I rolled out a new version of Little Backup Box. It is one of the most significant updates in the project’s life, and it introduces new functionality and a wide range of improvements.


Right from the start, Little Backup Box supported two backup modes:

  • Card backup mode (for backing up storage cards to external storage devices)
  • Camera backup mode for transferring files directly from the camera to the internal storage of the Raspberry Pi

The new version of Little Backup Box introduces a third mode called Remote control. In this mode, Little Backup Box provides a simple web interface that allows you to run either the card backup or camera backup actions. The interface also lets you back up files transferred from the camera to an external storage device using the dedicated Device backup action. If you use the Camera mode to transfer files to the internal storage, the Device backup mode lets you copy the transferred files to an external storage device for easier access.

All modes now feature a timeout mechanism that shuts down the Raspberry Pi if no camera or storage device is detected after a specified period of time.

During setup the installer script now lets you choose what mode you want Little Backup Box to use as default. You can change that later by editing the crontab file.

Besides adding features, I also removed some unused functionality, including geocorrelation and wireless network.

I also updated the chapter dedicated to Little Backup Box in the Linux Photography book to reflect all the changes. If you want to know how to build a Little Backup Box-based device from scratch and get the most out of it, get your copy of the book via Gumroad or Google Play Store. This is also the best way to support the project.

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