[REPOST] The Sleeping Taxi Drivers of Tokyo

Sleeping cab drivers resting in their parked cars on the side of a street are actually quite a common scene in Japan. In fact, you’ll find it in almost any profession in Japan. Napping in public is a sign of diligence, and shows how hard you are working, explained the NYT in an article about Japan’s culture of inemuri (“sleeping while present”).

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Add Captions with Basic EXIF Data to Photos using ImageMagick

Moto G4. Processed in digiKam.

Adding a caption containing basic EXIF info such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to a photo can come in useful in many situations. And a simple Bash shell script automates this action. The script uses the ExifTool and ImageMagick tools to extract EXIF data from a specified image. It then adds a caption containing the extracted aperture, shutter speed, and ISO values to the image.

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[REPOST] Ice Road Truckers in Russia: Buckle Up for a Perilous Drive on a Frozen Siberian River

Amos Chapple was crammed alongside three Russians in a truck just big enough for two, trundling along a frozen Siberian river when he heard breaking glass. The 25-ton truck lurched to one side, and Chapple realized it wasn’t glass, but ice. “I was thinking, ‘This is it,’” he says. “I was scrabbling like a panicked dog to get out.”

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[REPOST] Post-Soviet Style in Kaliningrad

Not long after a bleak period in the 90s, during which Kaliningrad was, according to Research Scholar Dr. Nicole Eaton, Assistant Professor of History at Boston College, “the absolute worst place to be in Russia,” in 2001 Magnum’s Peter Marlow photographed the city. Marlow captured the vistas: its brutalist concrete forms purposefully Slavic in their aesthetic so as to erase not only swastikas and other Nazi symbols but other German design characteristics that signified the former occupiers; he also photographed the people, mostly Russians, descendent of those who were incentivized by the Russian government to move there when the Germans were banished in 1945.

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[REPOST] Photos: Some of the earliest color images of life around the world

When Albert Kahn, a wealthy French banker and philanthropist, decided he wanted to commission a photographic “archive of the planet” he wasn’t joking. And though the idea of cataloging the earth seems whimsical in scope today, the pictures he helped create between 1909 and 1931 hold our attention like few others from the era.

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Install and Run Pixeluvo on openSUSE


Lightweight and affordable, Pixeluvo is an excellent application for editing and retouching photos on Linux. Pixeluvo is not free, but it can be installed on Linux using the binary packages available on the project’s website. The RPM packages are built for Fedora, but with minor tweaking, you can make Pixeluvo run smoothly on openSUSE, too.

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Assemble Photos into a GIF Animation or a Slideshow with ImageMagick


Animated GIFs are not only good for sharing funny cat videos. They can also come in rather handy when you want to whip up a quick-and-dirty slideshow that can be viewed on any platform or create a timelapse animation from a sequence of images with a minimum of effort.

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