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Put Unsplash on Ubuntu Desktop

Unsplash features not only a fine selection of photos you can use for free, but also a simple API (Application Programming Interface) that allows you to put the images to a variety of creative uses with a minimum of effort.

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Add EXIF Metadata to Photos with a Bash One-Liner

If you need to write EXIF data to multiple photos, a simple yet efficient Bash shell script might be a better tool for the job than the all-mighty digiKam. The script consists of a command, and it uses the excellent

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Pygmyfoto 1.3.7 Released

Besides minor tweaks and fixes, the latest release of Pygmyfoto features a couple of significant changes. The Python script that took care of processing photos and pushing data to the pygmyfoto.sqlite database has been replaced with a Bash shell script which

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Download and Organize Photos with Fotobasher

Need to quickly off-load photos from your camera and neatly organize them into folders by date? The Fotobasher shell script cobbled together by yours truly can help you with that. The script copies photos from a mounted storage device like

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Use the Focal Length Analyzer Script with digiKam

The Focal Length Analyzer is a nifty little Bash script that pulls focal length data from digiKam’s database back end and generates nice graphs based on the extracted data. To perform its magic, the script relies on the sqlite, gnuplot, and

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Process Photos with digiKam’s Batch Queue Manager and a Bash Script

One of digiKam’s lesser known features is the ability to link scripts to notifications. At first sight, this may seem like a rather obscure functionality, but it can be put to some clever uses. Say, you want to keep a portfolio

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Recipes for automated and streamlined photographic workflow on Linux

Practical advice for Tokyo night photography

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