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Shooting with Rollei DIGIBASE CN200 PRO

ILFORD XP2 Super 400 has been my film choice for the longest time. But in the spirit of getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things, I decided to give a different film a go. Browsing the film selection at

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Photographer’s Notebook Android App for Film Shooters

The Exif4Film app is a handy tool for Android-toting film photographers, but it’s not the only fish in the sea. Similar to Exif4Film, the Photographer’s Notebook app can help you to keep track of film rolls and record information about

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Exif4Film: Handy Android App for Film Photographers

While you can use a regular notebook to keep track of exposure info (shutter speed, aperture, focal length, etc.), it’s hardly an ideal solution. But if you happen to use an Android device, you can replace the notebook with the

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ShootFilmIn: Wiki for Film Photographers

To keep track of film development labs and stores that carry film in cities around the world, I’ve set up a no-frills wiki. While this is a strictly personal project, I thought I’d make it public in the hope that

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New Camera in My Bag: Nikon L35AF

Look, there is a new film camera in my photo bag! I was leisurely browsing a local auction website the other day when I stumbled upon this Nikon L35AF unit. I didn’t actually need a new film camera, but at

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Apply EXIF Metadata to Multiple Photos in digiKam

If you happen to use digiKam for managing photos scanned from negatives, you’ll appreciate the application’s capabilities to add and edit EXIF metadata. Using digiKam’s dedicated interface for managing metadata, you can add key EXIF values, such as maker, device

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About Mimosa

Mimosa is the name of the last remaining film lab in our city. Compared to the rest of the photo stores in Aarhus which peddle pretty much the same assortment of mainstream photography stuff, Mimosa is decidedly different. For starters,

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Recipes for automated and streamlined photographic workflow on Linux

Use digiKam? Get this book!

Practical advice for nighttime photography

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