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Manage Photos with gThumb

gThumb may look like yet another image viewer, but behind its unassuming appearance hides a rather capable application that can help you to manage photos efficiently. As any decent image viewer, gThumb provides all essential tools for browsing images and

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Tethered Shooting with Entangle

Tethering your DSLR camera to a computer opens a whole new world of possibilities: you can instantly view your shots on a large screen, trigger your camera remotely, practice the art of time-lapse photography, and perform other clever tricks. While

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Editing RAW Photos on Linux with Rawstudio 2.0

The Rawstudio raw photo editor made its 2.0 release on April 8, boasting a hefty list of improvements. There are new features, such as tethered shooting and automatic distortion correction, almost every tool in the toolbox has seen an improvement

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Manage Photos from Multiple digiKam Installations

Storing your photos on a server or network disk? Want to manage them from several Linux-based machines using digiKam? Here is how to do that. First of all, you need to mount the directory on the server containing the photos

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Leaving Flickr Behind: Why You Should Host Your Own Photos and Why Linux Makes It so Damn Easy

I’ve left Flickr. After many years as a loyal Flickr user, I decided not to extend my pro account and leave the popular photo sharing service altogether. Why? For starters, I couldn’t find a satisfactory answer to a rather simple

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