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Publish Photos with Pygmyfoto on Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi-based server is perfectly capable of sharing photos on the Web. But instead of deploying Gallery, Piwigo, or any other heavyweight photo publishing application, you might want to opt for something nimble like Pygmyfoto that offers a straightforward

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Pygmyfoto Update

Although I haven’t mentioned Pygmyfoto lately on this blog, I keep tinkering with the application in my spare time. So I thought I’d post a brief update on my progress. The most important news is that Pygmyfoto now can handle single quotes in

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Pygmyfoto 1.3.7 Released

Besides minor tweaks and fixes, the latest release of Pygmyfoto features a couple of significant changes. The Python script that took care of processing photos and pushing data to the pygmyfoto.sqlite database has been replaced with a Bash shell script which

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Pygmyfoto 1.0 Released

Version 1.0 of Pygmyfoto, a no-frills application for publishing a photo roll on the web, is now available on GitHub. The first stable release features a handful of new features and improvements added since the latest beta version of the application.

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Pygmyfoto Goes Beta

In my spare time, I work on a a simple photo roll publishing application called Pygmyfoto. Since the project’s launch, I’ve been working steadily on adding features and improving Pygmyfoto. Besides a handful of interface tweaks, the current version of the

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Introducing Pygmyfoto

WordPress is an excellent platform for publishing photos on the web, but what if you don’t need all the bells and whistles it has to offer? Surprisingly, decent no-frills photo publishing applications are few and far between. After thorough research,

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Recipes for automated and streamlined photographic workflow on Linux

Curve presets for digiKam and the GIMP

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