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Simple Photo Hack: Use a Vintage Optical Viewfinder with a Mirrorless Camera

Despite its age and budget status, my trusty SONY NEX-3N still serves me well. But the lack of an optical viewfinder (OVF) hasn’t become any less annoying with time. Although the camera has a decent display, it becomes pretty much unusable on

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TIL: SONY NEX-3N Has Focus Tracking

SONY NEX-3N has been my trusty companion for quite some time, and I thought I knew it pretty well. Turned out I was wrong. A few days ago, while wading through the camera’s menus, I stumbled upon the Tracking Focus function

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Experimenting with the Particle Photon Board

As an amateur photographer with a proclivity for electronics, I like to experiment with hooking my trusty SONY NEX-3N to electronic DIY contraptions. Usually, my projects are based around Arduino and Raspberry Pi, but I never pass up the chance

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Using Manual Focus Lenses with SONY NEX Cameras

With a relatively inexpensive adapter, your SONY NEX camera becomes an admission ticket to the wonderful world of manual focus legacy lenses. And you are not limited to a specific lens maker, either: there are adapters that allow you to use practically

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Processed in digiKam: Using Perspective Adjustment

The perspective adjustment tool in digiKam is indispensable for editing architectural shots. It can be somewhat fiddly to use, but with enough practice, you can achieve rather good results. The photo above is a case in point. The original image was a

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Notes on SONY E 50mm f/1.8 OSS SEL50F18

Nine out of ten times, I visit the Mimosa photo store to buy film and have a chat with the staffers. The last time was different, though. While walking by the store’s window, I spotted the SONY E 50mm f/1.8 OSS

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Walk in the Botanical Garden

Although I mostly wield a film SLR camera loaded with a black and white film nowadays, it’s nice to grab a digital camera and photograph colorful stuff for a change. And despite the fact that most plants in the outdoor area

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Recipes for automated and streamlined photographic workflow on Linux

Use digiKam? Get this book!

Practical advice for nighttime photography

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