Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Tags in digiKam

digiKam makes it relatively easy to tag photos. Select one or several photos, expand the Caption/Tags right sidebar, tick the tags you want, and press the Apply button. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to the often-used tags to speed up the tagging process. To assign a keyboard shortcut, right-click on the tag you want in the Caption/Tags right sidebar and choose Properties.

Press the Shortcut button, and hit the key combination of your choice to register the shortcut. Press the OK button, and you are done. Select now a photo, press the specified keyboard shortcut, and digiKam assigns the appropriate tag to the photo.

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4 comments on “Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Tags in digiKam
  1. LukasT says:

    Thank you very much for this tip!
    I was on IRC yesterday asking about this and now I get blogpost answer — cool!

  2. Bob Red says:

    What version are you on? I don’t see this in 1.9.0 and would love to have the ability to do this.

    • Ritesh Raj Sarraf says:

      Yup!! Looks like this is a 2.x feature. I can’t see this on my digikam 1.9.x installation.

  3. TK says:

    In 2.0.0-beta6 I cannot get this to work. I assign a shortcut to a tag, but pressing it does nothing after it is assigned.

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